My Son, David, leads this song at his church. He has a beautiful voice and has gone from rapping to Gospel – Praise God!


Sweet Memories – Singing with my sisters…

Trying to get us together to sing together at Agape Baptist Church in Patterson on September 26 6:00 p.m. at my son’s, David, church.  He also plays the drums for the church.  I thank God he has been very faithful and enjoys what he is doing for the Lord.

My Mom singing “When I See Jesus, Amen” 2009

I miss her so much.  Looking forward to seeing her as soon as the Lord wills it to be so.

The Movie – Exodus: God and Kings

Honey and I want to see this yesterday.  OMG.  I wanted my money back!  If you want to like it based on “Hollywood,” I would give it an 8.  If you want to like it based on the Biblical accounting, it is a 2!!!  A little boy playing God????  Really?????  And it had a whole bunch of other stuff that was NOT according to the Bible.  I will spare those details, just in case people want to see it for themselves anyway.  I would take the old “Hollywood” Ten Commandments over this any day.

Reliving the beautiful evening of my brother, James, Jr.’s, 75th birthday celebration via Youtube – Too Cool!

Dedicated to My Love – Wind Beneath My Wings

Thought this was soooooooo beautiful and just had to share it.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Words of Encouragement by My Pastor Dr. Earl Crawford

 I am a proud student. The Church is my college, Heaven is my university,  Jesus is my principal,  the Holy Spirit is my teacher,  the Angels are my classmates,  the Bible is my study book; Trials and Temptations are my exams, Winning Souls are my assignments, Prayer is my attendance,  Crown of Life is my degree, Praise and Worship is my motto . Enrolltoday! !! There is room for all and the tuition is FREE!!!! If you are proud to be a Christian say “AMEN”!!!! The benefits are out of this world.  You get to live a life of knowledge and wisdom.  Knowledge helps you make a living.  Wisdom helps you make a life. Love you! Pastor Crawford

Video of the Day – Finish Strong

Jamming Jesus all day long!

Video of the Day – Victory

Up and praising the Lord before daybreak….

Move-On Monday

Holding a grudge is so unhealthy.  You don’t have time to waste on what other people think or do.  You need to keep focused on God.  Don’t be fooled.  We have an enemy that has a job to do and he will use anyone he wants to use try to discourage you.  You cannot claim to be a Christian and have hate in your heart at the same time – “choose you this day…”.  1 John 4:20 says, “If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?”  Life is too short.  Let it go.  It’s move-on Monday.